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Creating Creativity is a global community for creative spirits who are passionate about doing what they love and want to live a more meaningful, empowered and creatively fulfilled life.

Authentic creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We inspire passion and empower the soul, so creatives just like you can live life from the fullest expression of themselves and realise their potential. We do this through personal, creative and business development.

Our mission is to revolutionise and redefine the current approach to creativity, and break down the barriers and limitations of the human mind that blocks creative flow, holding us back from our potential.

We focus on three core areas

Creative Block : Understand the root cause of how we limit our creative potential and block our authentic creative flow.

Creative Recovery : Find your voice. Re-connect to the Creative Self and creating deeper connections to the world around you through the power of authentic creativity 

Creative Flow : Understand your creative architecture, expand your creative range and unleash your creative potential

 We believe creativity is our most under utilised asset and one of the most mis-understood natural talents available to us all; and, we want to use this platform to change all that by using coaching skills and practices to explore who we are being as an authentic creator; to shine a light on how we get in our own way, cultivate a mindset and heartset that prioritises our creative growth and explore our creative architecture, tapping into what’s possible on the other side of what we didn’t know we didn’t know.

We encourage deeper conversations that inspire and empower one another to realise our potential, follow our dreams and show up in our worlds as an authentic creator.


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